Bryant's Precision Manufacturing Corp.
Manufacturing Your Vision
Who We Are
Bryant's Precision is a woman owned small business that was established in 1978. The company has grown to become a supplier  of diverse products serving Defense, Aerospace, Communications, Laser, Aircraft, Medical, Marine and Recreational markets. Our reputation is founded on high quality, dedicated service and competitive value.
  1. Est. 1978
    39 years of experience
  2. 1
  3. 14
    CNC lathes & mills
  4. Every
    Customer Satisfied
What We Do
  1.  Machining & Prototypes
    Machining & Prototypes
    CNC mills and lathes with high speed spindles and large capacities provide a full range of manufacturing capabilities.
  2. Assembly
    Every level, from kits (full or partial) to sub-assembly or final assembly is supported.
  3. Welding and Fabrication
    Welding and Fabrication
    Diversity is the key word in the fabrication department. Rails, towers, large scale fabrications and weldments are standard products.